Welcome to Steve's Premiership Predictions 2017/18!

Steve's Premiership Predictions is a non-profit game which allows football fans to predict the scorelines/results of all English Premier League matches and score points based on the accuracy of those predictions. Whether you are new to the game or a veteran of past seasons all players with all levels of football knowledge have a great chance to win and an even bigger chance of having fun! Good Luck!

Gameplay Basics

Players log in to input predictions for each forthcoming premiership match, players can input up to the next 30 fixtures at any time but a match prediction must be input before the day of match taking place (i.e. up til midnight the night before). It will not be possible to input a prediction for a game after that time. As soon as possible after the match the results are input and scores calculated. Players will receive 5 points where they have correctly predicted the scoreline, however where a player predicted the correct result (home win, away win, draw) but with the incorrect scoreline they will receive 2 points. For any other prediction the player fails to score for that match. The cost to play is £5 for the whole season, all monies paid will be awarded in cash prizes. The prizes and allocations will be announced once the season is underway. If we achieve more then 20 players there will be monthly prizes giving players more chances to win their money back or make a profit. This would also give everyone something to play for right to the final whistle.